Wed, Aug 14 - 18, 2024


Players under 20 years old (Born after January 1, 2004) from Canada, the U.S.A., Mexico and Bahamas.


Best Western 1316 33rd St. NE, Calgary, AB T2A 6B6, Canada


Open U20, Girls U20

Maximum Capacity

200 combined players for Open U20 and Girls U20.


Only players representing Canada, USA, Mexico or Bahamas according to FIDE can participate. Players who represent other federations are not eligible even if they reside within those countries. Players representing the Mexican federation must be approved by it to participate. For USA, Canada, and Bahamas the players may register but their federation has the right to cancel their participation if they do not meet the national requirements. Participants may be asked to provide proof of age either during or after the event.

Entry Fees: 

$200CAD before 11:30 PM, May 31, 2024

$230CAD before 11:30 PM, June 30, 2024

$270CAD before 11:30 PM, August 10, 2024

Registration will be closed at 11:30 pm on August 10, 2024 or when maximum capacity is achieved


Tuesday August 13: Arrival day

Wednesday August 14: Opening ceremony- 9:50 am, Round 1 – 10 AM, Round 2 – 4 PM

Thursday August 15: Round 3 – 10 AM, Round 4 – 4 PM

Friday August 16: Round 5 – 10 AM, Round 6 – 4 PM

Saturday August 17: Round 7 – 10 AM, Round 8 – 4 PM

Sunday August 18: Round 9 – 10 AM, Closing Ceremony 3 PM

Official players:

The following will be considered Official players:

1) 1st place winners from the 2023 North American Junior U20 Chess Championship (if eligible by age).

2) Each federation may nominate one official player per Open/Girls sections. The National federation must confirm their official players no later than July 1st, 2024.

Official players will receive the following:

FREE ENTRY to the Tournament. $350 Canadian to cover their food and accommodation expenses.

Official players must stay in the official tournament hotel. If a federation does not nominate an official player in time, the conditions will not be offered.


Rated by CFC & FIDE (Open U20, Girls U20)


1) Valid CFC membership is required for Canadian citizens and residents. Quebec players are not required to be CFC members but they must be members of the FQE.

2) Withdrawal will be charged $50 admin fee.. No refund after July 31. 

3) Maximum of two half point byes available. Recipients of half point byes may not be eligible for titles.

4) No byes in last round.


Open U20, Girls U20 - 9 Rounds Swiss System

Time Control:

Game in 90 minutes plus 30 second increment per move.


Top U2000, U1800, U1600 in each section: trophy.

Titles to be awarded for Open U20 and Girls U20:

Gold (after tiebreaks if needed) = GM Norm and IM/WIM title

2nd, 3rd (if all tied for first) = IM/WIM title

Silver & Bronze = IM/WIM norm and FM/WFM title

*All titles must be approved by FIDE and conform with all FIDE requirements

Computer Tie Breaks:

1) Direct encounters (applies only if all tied players have played each other)

2) Buchholz

3) Buchholz cut 1

4) Sonneborn-Berger

5) The greater number of wins

6) The greater number of games with black (unplayed games count as played with white)

7) Younger player

Ratings Used:

All ratings as of August 8th (or as soon as possible thereafter). If a player has a FIDE Standard rating,

then that will be used. All other players will be ranked according to their own country's standard rating.

Equipment Provided

Chess boards, sets, clocks and scoresheets will be provided.

Wed, Aug 14 - 18, 2024

Vlad Rekhson

The Best Western Premier Calgary Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre
1316 33rd St. NE, Calgary


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